There is an abundance of research which shows the benefits of exploring risk and challenge in our natural environment. All over the world children are getting back to nature through early childhood forest / farm adventures. At Greerton, we make this happen because we know it is so important for children’s resilience, resourcefulness and creativity to connect to the natural world. This connection becomes part of their identities as learners. Research shows we will not care about the world unless we connect with it early in our lives. What we care about, we protect!

On Mondays and Fridays two teachers take the 10 oldest children out to our farm in Wairoa, Tauranga. Children explore the farm and the forest and in the process discover how resilient they are, what amazing team members they are, and find strengths they didn’t know they had. All the while having a really fun time. This is the kiwi experience of old where children are out in the natural world setting their own learning goals; being resourceful in the ‘number 8 wire’ tradition.